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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Horses are Hayless Again

  On my way to work yesterday I saw the horses down the road were out of hay.  They still didn't have hay last night.  Again, on my way to work this morning I checked them and they still had no hay.  They aren't thin...but they certainly aren't healthy or cared for.

  That's two days with no hay, and we had a crazy blizzard last night. Ughhh.  Time to call the SPCA again. :(  This picture in no way shows the state of this property....the barbed wire fences and junk everywhere is to the left.  I hate these people.


  1. Sounds like half my neighbors.... :(

  2. With winter fuzzies the true bmi of these horses sadly won't be obvious. I hope the SPCA can help do more than give another warning!

  3. So frustrating. I feel bad for those horses and hope the owners get their act together pronto.

  4. Good for you for reporting. Many people wouldn't. I don't understand people sometimes, sigh!

  5. Terrible situation - and sorry you have to witness it. Hopefully thing improve soon!

  6. Ugh. I hate those people too. So much hate.


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