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Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Pan Am Penny!

 Yesterday was Penny's 9th Birthday!  She is such a young girl to have accomplished so much.  To celebrate, Nicole and I went for a little ride around the property.  We had a few warm days and some good melting, but then it froze over night.  It warmed up a bit again but the footing in the ring was a little hard still so we ventured off for a ride down the driveway.

  Penny has been absolutely fabulous since she is back into work.  She feels so much happier and like a whole new horse.  I think removing that tooth has made a world of difference.  She is happily accepting the bridle and relaxing - which was basically mission impossible before.  Maybe she just likes her fancy new bridle from Perfect Sit of Sweden.  Who can blame her, they are just that nice!

I see grass... :)

  Oliver continues to be the easiest horse I have ever started.  Meaning, I have ridden him once, and Nicole has ridden him a few times.  He just trucks along like he has been doing it his whole life.  He is starting to understand the concept of leg and doing walk-halt transitions.  Nicole does such a great job just staying quiet and letting him figure things out.  She is a really talented young rider.

  So Happy Birthday Penny, I love you SO much!  Looking forward to many more Birthdays together.  Also a Happy Birthday to my husband Jesse.  Still makes me laugh they share a Birthday.

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  1. Glad she seems happier in this new year! Happy birthday Penny L)

  2. Happy birthday Penny! I didn't realize she was still such a youngster!

  3. Happy birthday Penny! Such a talented girl she is!

  4. Happy birfday to J & PAP ☺☺☺

  5. Happy Birthday Penny and Hubby! ☺

  6. Chestnut mares...rule the world! Happy birthday to Penny!

  7. Happy (very belated) birthday Penny!

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