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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Finally Went For A Rip

  It happened last weekend and last weekend only.  It was finally nice enough, and my leg was feeling up to snuff to take Penny for a spin! Jess came over and we gave the girls a good grooming.  Penny was thoroughly enjoying the attention and back scratches from the long winter of wearing heavy blankets.

  I put on her new Perfect Sit Flying Change bridle and her new tiny 4" Mylar and she seemed happy to be bridled.  Her past issues with this are completely gone since her stray tooth was removed.  We headed out the ring which is knee deep in snow.  Good thing because that snow was an energy container for Penny.  Having nearly two months off she certainly had a fire under ass.  She had a good fire though, just speedy gonzoles style fire.

Miss Pen and Miss Ellie

love this this browband :)

  I tried to give her a good warm up to loosen her tight muscles but she wasn't having any of this walking business. We trucked around in the deep snow at a brisk trot for a few laps then I let her open up into a canter. 

  She behaved herself and we took a nice  rip around the ring several times to let off some steam.  Not long after I forced her to walk and we cooled out.  We don't need to strain ourselves our first day back!

the craziest OTTB. Text and ride tisk tisk lol

view of a lifetime

 It was amazing, fun, and just like I remembered.  I need the weather to give already so I can get back to doing what I love!


  1. Woo that bridle looks fab on her!
    Great to hear you were feeling well enough to climb back in the tack! Hope the leg is ok *hugs*

  2. It looks so cold in those pictures! But what a pretty face she has!

  3. I love that first photo. She is all like "Tell me again how gorgeous I look in this bridle. Go ahead."

  4. Your bridle is breathtakingly beautiful! #jealous :)

  5. Yeah, so glad you both get to do what you love!

  6. Love the bridle! I thought my horse had a tiny mouth (4.5") but 4" takes the cake!

  7. She looks great in the PS!! Glad your leg is healing up too - must have felt so good to run around for a bit :)

  8. Love love love the browband! And your girl. Looking great!

  9. Love the bling! Be careful to keep this away from my sister lol.

  10. Oooooh pretty bridle and the 4" myler has me cracking up. Glad you're back in the saddle.

  11. She looks so stunning in that bridle and browband!

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