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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sinew X 30 Day Trial for Eventing Nation

  Something fun has come along for Penny and I.  A while back Eventing Nation requested bloggers to do a 30 day trial of Omega Alpha's product Sinew X.  As a satisfied customer of Omega Alpha in the past I was eager to get a chance at this.  I submitted an application and about a month later was advised that we were chosen to participate in the blogger product trial review! Woot!

  Tonight my 30 day supply came, along with a a sweet new syringe (you can never have too many of these!) and a cute Omega Alpha hat.  Wow, I'm really impressed already with the customer service!

  Sinew X is a joint, ligament, and muscle supplement.  I won't pretend to know the scientific details but here are the active ingredients;

 Looking forward to this trial and to see if this product helps Pan Am Penny feel her best.  This cold, stiffening winter is just the time I would like to see some results.  Follow along on Eventing Nation if you want to learn more, I will keep you posted once our updates are up!


  1. Happy reviewing - hope PanAm Penny feels tip top and ready to attack 2015 in a month ☺

  2. nice - will be curious to hear what you think of the product!

  3. Interesting, I'm curious to see the results :)

  4. Will be interested in hearing the results!

  5. I've always that about putting B on something for the winter now that we're more active, just got get back into the Spring!

  6. Congrats on getting in! I'm interested to see how this works for you. Did they give a price point if you'd like to continue on it?

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