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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who Wore It Best?

  I might have a *slight* love affair with the Rambo Newmarket Stable blanket collection.  Four different colour style options.  They come in a simple stable sheet or a 200 gm stable rug.  You can also get this style in a thick fleece cooler, and a medium weight turn out Wug - which are rare and so cute!

  Every night I put the horses to bed and I wonder - who wore it best?

rambo newmarket, rambo stable rug, newmarket rug, whitney rug

  William is especially good looking with 4 inches of mud caked onto his face.  These horses really just make me laugh every day.

not impressed


  1. I'm a sucker for William in the chocolate style! I have lusted after the newmarket coolers forever but I have not been able to come to terms with spending over $100 on a cooler though! But DAMN do they look sharp!

    1. I know....these are the stable sheets - I bought them all used or new second hand of Facebook and eBay!

  2. I am a diehard fan of the traditional color scheme, Diva has the high neck blanket. They are all cute!

  3. They all look great! However, I've never seen the one William has one-super cute.

  4. I like the traditional color scheme the best too but they all look freakin fabulous! :)

  5. I love the classic coloring on Penny!

  6. It's a tie btw William and Penny!

  7. Dirk and Penny! But they all look really good in it!

  8. loves it!!! Penny looks fab in the original!!

  9. Oddly i am in the minority & the Whitney combo is my least fav - but that's not to say Penny isn't absolutely rocking it. Starting my own Newmarket cooler collection is a dream I hope to materialise some day - I love all things Horseware!!!

  10. I loooove Rambo Newmarket stuff... unfortunately I don't own any myself but I'm convinced the pattern looks most smashing on chestnuts!

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