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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Photo Dump

Dirk showing how nicely he stands for baths

Penny trying out her new dressage saddle!!

Ozzy got a part time job with Uber

William is back in action - looking rather sausage like

Liam is all grown up - at my moms here

back riding this red beast!!


  1. What great pics! I love horses. I wish I could have grown up with them. :-)

  2. aw cute! lot the dogs in costume :)

  3. Love the costumes! So cute!! Great photos of some very happy animals :)

  4. Enjoyed the photo dump, you can dump on us anytime!

  5. Wonderful shots. Made me smile! :)

  6. Stop with the cute dog costumes!!! Adorable overload!

  7. Trick or treat. Why aren't those horsies dress up
    Lily & Edward


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