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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


  The Ol' helmet debate.  Don't worry, there is no debate here.  I am %100 PRO HELMET - always, all the time. No exceptions.  I won't even go into a tirade about why it is important to always strap one on.  If you don't know, and you are a rider, you are DUMB.  You can visit Riders for Helmets for all the gory deets.  You can also watch this update from Dressage rider Courtnet King-Dye to get the message.

 As I was saying, I always wear a helmet.  No matter how small or simple my ride may be.  I was schooling my friend Dana's horse Quartz last week when I took a bad spill.  We were jumping, and she was showing her extreme distaste for hitting rails.  She hit one, and the second time to that fence launched herself over it she cleared the standards.  Being green, and me trying to be the polite rider that I am, I slipped my reins to the buckle so as not to catch her in the mouth. Big mistake.

 When I landed on her back from being jumped WAYYY out of the tack, she bolted in displeasure.  I tried so hard to stay on....I made it half way around the arena hanging off the back of her hollering for her WHOA when I eventually got projected into the bottom of the ring and with a thud I skidded through the deep sand.  I landed on my shoulders and my head followed and thumped the ground good.  I thought to myself...oh God, that was a HARD fall.  I jumped up though, or tried to.  I realized I could move everything and my head felt OK.  Whew.
goodbye pretty matching helmet
 I got back on and schooled the jump successfully a few times before calling it a night.  I was pretty darn sore for the next week, but I had no concussion and no other injuries.  When I looked at my helmet the next day, I noticed the line between the grey and black colouring was completely encrusted with sand.  I had had my head pushed so hard into the sand it had all been ingrained in my favourite Charles Owen.

  I figured I very sadly need to replace my helmet after this.  I found an adorable Just Toggs helmet on eBay for around $80.  I am just waiting for it to arrive now.  I also contacted Charles Owen, and they offered me %50 off a replacement of the one I fell in.  I will be taking them up on that offer also, then I will have two helmets and I can maybe save one for showing.  I am very happy with their customer service.  I do love the CO's!

 The moral of the story is; wear your helmet! Every ride, every time.  The world needs you here :)

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  1. I wear a helmet every time I'm on a horse. Hell I wear a helmet when I lunge horses. Granted, I've also been catapulted into a bad concussion WITH a helmet on, so I try not to think about what would have happened any of those times if I hadn't been wearing one!

    P.S. I annoys me when people say that they're adults and they get the make the choice. It's a stupid, selfish argument.

  2. The same issue comes up in biking. I am absolutely pro-helmet too. All it takes is one instant of inattention, and you can land on your head. I've had to replace helmets after hard falls too. I thanked the helmets for protecting my head.

    Can you believe that there are horse and bike riders who don't wear helmets? Stupid.

    1. I know! Bikers in traffic...makes me cringe!

  3. Every ride! That being said, mine is a bit too small which I think means I should get a pretty new CO for showing since I have to have my hair up. Glad you weren't hurt!

  4. My mother and father grew up riding without helmets (they were western riders) and they have a friend who's daughter rides barrels. I, of course, ride English (something completely foreign to them) and the other day my mother asked me a question that confused me: "Don't you ever get tired of wearing a helmet every time?"

    She wasn't telling me not to - she just never did, so she was curious as to why I always do, without fail. The answer was simple: No. I wear a helmet because horse-back riding is a dangerous sport and I value my life. It takes two seconds to put a helmet on. The helmet doesn't interfere with your riding and if fitted properly it is not uncomfortable. I simply don't understand why some riders don't wear them.

  5. I didn't realize the helmet companies have that offer until recently. It's also wise to replace your helmet every 5 years. I just ordered a new Troxel Intrepid. And I'll be ordering a One K for showing.

    Of course I got a concussion last week doing the laundry. >.< Parents put a shelf over the washing machine and I knocked myself silly unloading it. I guess I need to wear a helmet 24/7. :)

    1. I feel like that too...hit my head on everything lol

  6. Couldn't agree more! Even with a proper helmet I've managed to get a minor concussion - don't even want to think about what would've happened if I didn't have it on.

  7. Riding without a helmet is a big thing on the continent here, I cannot fathom why - especially international riders in warm up arenas at big shows riding in baseball caps - i mean kids idolise these riders...what kind of example are they setting!?
    I don't know does it come from a more dressage background, particularly here in Lux, where the higher up in the levels you go - or i think it might even be once you are over 18 you can compete in a top hat..under 18 you must ride in a helmet - so far as i know. But even then only in competition, what you do at home is yours/your parents/your trainers choice...

    90% of the livery owners at my yard ride without helmets - i wouldn't risk it!
    Life is too precious!

    PS: I don't mean to sound like I am attacking dressage riders, show jumpers are also lethal for riding without helmets or schooling in baseball caps - but I'm only musing from a majority dressage oriented livery yard where I am boarding - where none of the instructors or working pupils ride in helmets unless on a young or new horse, but then when they "know" them they also ride them without helmets...again i question the examples they are setting!

    1. No you are right, a lot of dressage riders don't wear helmets.

  8. I took a bad fall and really appreciated CO offer. It made purchasing a new helmet much less painful! :)

    1. It helmet was only a year old too!

  9. I have a Charles Owen helmet, good to know they have good customer service if I ever need it. I'm glad you're ok. I hate it when people say, "It's my choice if I have a helmet." But many of them don't think about how it affects their family when someone get's hurt in a life threatening way.


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