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Monday, December 10, 2012

Back to That

  William and I are having a disagreement.  We need to have a trial separation if we want to save this horse ownership marriage.  I want him to progress and he wants to dig his hooves in and hold back for a bit.  I took him to a clinic a few weekends ago and he was an absolute doll.  Super pony.  So well behaved and went extremely well.  He is getting better with every ride, or at least, he was.  We worked on my position for most of the lesson and did quite a bit of cantering without stirrups.  I know. On William.  He was great.  No scooties or buckies at all!  He tolerated me flopping around like a dead fish on his back trying to learn how to sit more independently from my hand.  Over the last few years, I think from riding Archie, I have really become reliant on riding with my hands.  My leg stays still but I guess it's not really doing it's job.  We cantered on a circle for a good 20 minutes without stirrups and using just my leg to steer him.  It was a great exercise for me to achieve the desired effect.  I thought I was going to die, but hey, I survived and lived to ride another day.

I gave Willy a few days off after the clinic as he worked very hard.  I took him over to my friends for our weekly TTE training session last Thursday and he warmed up really well at the walk and trot.  I wish I could say the same for the canter.  He spent the entire canter trying to stop and buck me off.  Non. Stop. Bucking. Acrobatic bucking.  My back is sore bucking.  I got off and lunged him at the canter as usually if he is being weird he will work out of it.  He cantered on the lunge bucking at all.  I figured the weight of me on his back is obviously what is causing his discomfort. 

  I almost always ride William in a Poly Pad.  That night I had tacked him up and put just a regular weave jumping pad on.  I figured that could be the problem and changed his tack.  I put the Poly Pad on and re saddled him.  I took a look at his saddle and it looks as though with him growing and changing shape, it's not really fitting him very well anymore.  Great.  I re mounted and as he tried to buck a few times at first, he felt better and continued on to do a few nice canters and even cantered a few fences very nicely.  I ended on that good note and decided only to ride him in Poly Pads from now on, especially until I figure out his issue.

  I think it is a combination of a sore back/shoulder from the clinic, his rib issue, and a saddle that no longer fits him.  I can't blame him, he does try hard and he just shows me when things aren't feeling too great.  I am scheduling the Chiropractor to come out to do him and Archie soon.  I have decided to sell my saddle I just bought this summer since it doesn't fit Archie that well, nor William, and I need the money to get a good saddle fitted for William.  So now, I am stressing about my horses back and whether we can figure out this problem and continue on the great path we were heading down.  I want so badly for him to be comfortable, and for us to have fun together.  I am dreading saddle selling and shopping.   I love my saddle, why can't you fit damn saddle!!!

 UGH!  Horses.  Why do they always have to be so complicated and expensive.   

who me?
 I still love him :)


  1. Your relationship with William reminds me of the relationship I use to have with Leroy! Somehow we worked through things and came to an understanding! I think it made us love each other even more!

  2. Woof! Woof! Who can resist that face. Horses have a certain/specific ways to communicate with humans. I know that caused we've encountered many horses here. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Horses! Saddle issues are no fun!

  4. Feel your pain, my young horse outgrew my very expensive dream saddle, had to sell it down the road to get something that fit...he however is now a happy boy with no antics. *Sigh*

  5. This is why I'm trying to put off getting a fancy "lifer" saddle for as long as possible. Though with my luck, I'll wait till my warmblood is 6 or 7 and presumably don't growing and maturing, and then she'll decide to totally change her shape the next month...

    Fingers crossed you're able to resolve this soon, and that the saddle selling and shopping is relatively painless!

  6. I hope that you are able to resolve the saddle issue soon, i know what a pain it can be with Gatsby!

  7. Aww - you are so good to make sure he is comfortable! Just think - would it be as much fun without the challenge? ;)

    Beautiful horses. I love them, but am pretty allergic so I do enjoy reading your posts. A way to get my horsie fix without all the side effects!

  8. Saddle issues always seem to pop up right when things start to be peaking. I'm pretty sure it's a curse. I've tried to avoid it with an adjustable CC, but I was just lucky it fit the shape of Cara's back. Hopefully you'll find a buyer for your saddle quickly!

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  10. Aye... we love em and hate em! Hopefully William will get with the program and cooperate AND you will be able to get a tack set up that makes him and you happy :)

  11. Hmmm, I'm in the same boat right now. Just made an appointment with a saddle fitter. My problem is the opposite though - bought the saddle that was perfect for my horse, but never liked it myself! A new horse is a good excuse for a new saddle, maybe? Perhaps we could swap? Haha!


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